Improve worker health risks behavior with health coaching

Health coaching can enjoy a pivotal role inside your well-being program to aid a culture of health insurance and move worker participants along the road to wellness.
When made with the participant in your mind, a training program supplies a personalized and practical method of meet the requirements of every individual inside your worker population. Regardless of whether you want employees to construct healthier behaviors, or enable them to run a chronic condition, any adverse health coach might help design a technique for fit their lifestyles and particular needs.

Employees desire a personal touch for their health
Our studies have shown that the personalized approach is required to drive well-being program participation. Based on our survey, almost 75 % of well-being program participants say personal touch is essential within their health, well-being and exercise program and should originate from knowledgeable “live” experts—like our coaches and specialists— who’re credible, engaging, easily accessible and supply one-on-one support for his or her specific needs.
When thinking about how you can bring this personalization for your well-being program, it’s vital that you consider the best way to complement this program using the people. A course is composed of all of the different activities, sources, devices, apps and challenges actions participants take that are members of a properly-being program.
But it’s the people—especially our coaches—who bring this program to existence and supply worker participants having a personalized experience.
This personalized method of well-being is resulting in measurable alterations in participants’ healthy behaviors.
Improve health risks behavior and boost worker health
When adding health coaching, participants are more inclined than non-coaching participants to enhance their own health risk behavior within the following areas:
  • ·         29% improved behavior to stop tobacco use
  • ·         17% improved sleep quality
  • ·         12% improved prolonged sitting—meaning they sit less
  • ·         10% improved aerobic activity
  • ·         9% improved healthy fat consumption
  • ·         6% improved sugary drink consumption
  • ·         2% improved overeating
  • ·         2% improved weight training 

Our clients’ program participants are pleased with our coaches
Based on our newest client survey, participants value the mixture in our experienced, passionate coaches and technological sources.
  • ·         93% are pleased with their own health coach
  • ·         90% achieve their own health goals
  • ·         91% are pleased with sources, information and tools available on the web
  • ·         84% report improved productivity we have spent using their health coach

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