Roadies Xtreme

Priya Sindhu, a young lady who hails from a little town close Meerut, was the first to attempt her fortunes before the judges' board. She opened up about her enthusiastic voyage and how an attempting background back at home scarred her forever. 

She separated in tears when Neha Dhupia got some information about her life. She awed the judges with her drive ups and pull up and after that she was joined by another yearning contender - Snehal Karkera, who presented herself as a sprinter. Them two needed to contend with each other in various undertakings. Raftaar, Prince Narula and Neha Dhupia, every one of them chose Priya.

Kawalpreet Singh, the following hopeful who preceded the judges, annoyed them from the get-go. His frame had some sketchy things that turned out poorly extremely well with any of the judges. He was addressed about that and his mentality towards ladies. Rannvijay and others issued a flood of feedback at him for the sort of crazy things he has specified in his frame. 

Things went from terrible to more terrible when Nikhil Chinapa lashed out at him for the sort of debased things that he had written in his frame. Over that, he was non-remorseful when the judges called attention to the inconsistencies and shed light on few of the things that he could have done another way to change himself. He was removed from the round as none of the judges discovered him fit for the Roadies travel.

Kriti Verma's entrance came as a much needed refresher for the judges. A 'GST reviewer' my calling, she needed to play out a smaller than expected drama in which she needed to capture Raftaar. She did sensibly well and it laughed uncontrollably everybody. She moved to engage the judges as a piece of an assignment. Tragically, she was not chose to continue in the show.

Pavneet Singh Bagga came to try out straightaway. He sang in Gujrati and did the Garba and that left everybody inside parts with his shenanigans. It was an exciting session in which he discussed a couple of entertaining examples of his life. It was the way he talked that charmed him to them. He was chosen to continue in the show for this exceptionally same reason.

Next, Abhishek Dubey for Jammu came in and sang his way into the hearts of the judges. He played a separation tune on his guitar and that warmed them towards him. He additionally inspired them with his physical quality when he played out a few activities. He was given the green flag by the judges.


Farah from Hyderabad, a hairdresser by calling, was extremely sincere about the way she discussed her life. She had a fascinating method to reveal to her story. Raftaar encouraged her a couple of military craftsmanship moves when she communicated her longing to take in the workmanship. Nikhil chose her for her soul yet none of alternate judges gave her an approval. 

She was sent in a discouraged state as she said that she won't have the capacity to attempt her fortunes again in the following season as there were a couple of limitations at her home. In an astounding unforeseen development, exactly when she was going to leave, Rannvijay Singha gave her a green light to enter the following round of the show.
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