LG G6 Phone full details. Ram,Rom, Camera etc.

 Today i am talk about LG G6 Phon full details.

  •  specification  :- processor, Ram, Rom, camara, operating, display, 
  • Price 
  • LIke about the device 
  • did not like about the device
its biggest rival Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 just a few weeks after the G6.
We can see the mobile specification.
processor :- Snapdgraon 821 Quad Core 2 .35Ghz
Ram         :-  4GB
Rom         :-  64GB
Display    :-  5.7-inch, 2,880x1,440 pixels (QHZ IPS LCD Screen, Gorilla glass 3)
Camera    :-    13 MP Daul Rear  Camera . Front 5 MP.
Battery      :-    3300 mah Battery  (Qualcomm 3.0  fast charging)
Fingerprint Scanner / NFC
Price         :-   55000
  • Like about the device
First, think I like about the LG G6 is this one piece like a solid. LG G6 which is very good build quality
LG G6 battery is Shield. The battery life is good enough. now moving to the camera, the camera is the 13 MP. This camera is very good and now coming to the call quality tested with jio and airtel 4g and yes volte works out of the box on this device. So no issue regarding that. Even the call quality was very good. So no problem the call quality that a hard work with this one. Now moving to the headphone jack again we have that the Hi-Fi Dac option and it not switch off all the time but when you Listening to music good quality. Now moving to another thing that I notice is that finally this LG G6 also now ip 68 certified that means its dust and water resistant. So this was the thing that I really like about the LG G6.
Now, lets moved the LG G6 I did not like.
The first think that I notice this device does not have any physical Led notification like and moving to the speaker this one has the just a single speaker. Now moving to the front-facing camera this LG G6 has 5MP front facing camera i have to say if you compare the front-facing camera with other  flack ship than I say front facing camera  performance  very average
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